About Number Ten

Every weekend for the past fifteen years, Number Ten’s founder has been sitting in front of the television glued to its screen, biting his fingernails and being anxiety stricken, watching his favorite football team battle it out for ninety minutes on a football pitch. He is certainly not the only one either – countless football fans in Pakistan have been doing the exact same thing, showing just how popular the beautiful game is in our country and how far it has come.

Throughout the entire duration of those fifteen years though, there wasn’t one place in Pakistan where football fans could buy unofficial club merchandise from, to show their allegiance, love and passion for the team they so religiously support. Voila – Number Ten was born.

Number Ten is Pakistan’s first football fan-store. It is aimed at providing high quality, durable and innovative unofficial club merchandise for football fans in Pakistan, finally allowing them to show their passion and love for the football team they support.