Arsenal Leather Accessories

Number Ten introduces laser engraved Arsenal wallets, for the first time in Pakistan, made from 100% genuine premium quality leather. Who doesn’t like leather, right?! Leather has been used to make wallets and bags for centuries, but has never become outdated. This is because of the sheer durability and endurance of the material, allowing it to last for years and years, even with excessive use. In fact, it is said that some forms of leather get even better and stronger over time and usage. But why carry just a simple leather wallet when you can also have your club’s initials, crest or name engraved on it, adding an extra bit of zest to it.

The Arsenal wallets are engraved using CO2 laser engraving, which is a technique that produces the most accurate and neat engraving possible. After Number Ten’s design team finalizes what is to be engraved over the wallets, the design then undergo check’s in the machines software, where adjustments are made and the Arsenal wallets are placed for engraving. The laser engraving machine then carves out the shape input into the software, producing a neat, accurate and brilliant looking result. The leather dust is wiped clean, and the product is ready to be shipped to the awaiting fan.

Using a simple leather wallet has become boring now. What better way to show your love for the Gooners than to have it engraved on the wallet that you use! For the first time in Pakistan, Number Ten introduces a range of exclusive genuine leather Arsenal wallets. Made from 100% genuine leather, the Arsenal wallets are high quality and durable wallets, stitched in contemporary designs, offering premium utility. They have been laser engraved with Arsenal themed designs, meaning that the true Gooner will not only be carrying the club in his heart, and also everywhere else he goes.