Real Madrid Mugs

Mugs have a stronger connection with us than we think they do. It is the piece of vessel that gives us the kick we need in the morning, or the tranquility it provides after a hard and long day. It is what we go to the kitchen for in the mornings, before we brew our coffee or make our tea. Pakistan has a special attachment with tea, especially in the mornings, and most of us have it more than just once a day. If we consider the hot beverage so special, isn’t the vessel we drink it from just as meaningful? This is why every Real Madrid fan should have a Real Madrid mug by his side every time he/she has tea or coffee. They can also be used cold drinks during matches on weekends or during those crunch Premier League matches and European nights.

Another major component in Number Ten’s huge array of products is Real Madrid Mugs. Number Ten boasts a wide range of Real Madrid mugs that fans and customers can use in a variety of ways. Our mugs are high quality and strong ceramic mugs that are digitally printed with the club’s designs, allowing for durability and clarity of print. The mugs are crafted with care and with love, just like we would expect the customer to use them.

Real Madrid mugs at Number Ten have been designed after careful curation and identification of the customer’s expectations both from the mugs and the design on it. Our mugs come in two colors – white and black, since they produce the most accurate prints. Designs are digitally printed over using high tech machinery to produce accurately printed mugs. Real Madrid fans can use Real Madrid mugs while drinking Pakistan’s favorite hot beverage – Tea, Coffee, use as a stationary holder on their desk, or even as a gift to a friend.